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Indie Rock duo Waiting for Winry most enjoy telling diverse stories through their songs, and aren't afraid to explore different styles - from the folksy Sing-Songwriter vibe of "Wayside" to the Classic Rock refrains of "Cofiwch".

Formed originally to perform covers locally, the worldwide lockdown of 2020 pushed the husband and wife duo in a new direction. They are now aiming to release a new single every month, as well as producing regular content for their followers on Social Media and YouTube.

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David is a talented multi-instrumentalist with a passion for learning new skills and exploring possibilities. He started with piano, and very quickly transitioned to drums, guitar, bass, essentially any instrument you'd find in a typical 90s rock band was on his list.


Experimenting with recording his own music isn't new to him, but this is his first time releasing it into the world for others to enjoy. David's tastes range from the heavier Metal side of music to more experimental Post Rock and Classic Rock.

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Ria is much newer to music creation, having dreamed of the possibilities for many years but never really exploring them. 2020 saw a great deal of changes for her, from exploring the possibilities of session singing to writing her own lyrics and melodies. The duo's debut song, "Wayside" was written by her in August 2020. She has a history with writing, after studying Contemporary Writing in Dartington, she has dabbled with words for many years, finding many ways to weave them into creative projects. Ria's tastes range from Classic and Alt Rock to Americana, Musical Theatre, and Jazz music.

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Waiting for Winry EPK image
Waiting for Winry EPK image
Waiting for Winry EPK image

"Imposter's Guide" began as a discussion in a coffee shop. Ria often battles with imposter syndrome, and since beginning to get more involved with song writing, it had reared its head once again. Over coffee, we discussed how it seemed impossible that there were people in the world who went through their day to day lives without having to deal with those feelings of inadequacy and fraudulence. Whilst they may have moments of self-doubt, it wasn’t quite the same. Later that evening, we held a writing session and decided to try and capture some of these thoughts in a song.

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