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All About Wayside

We're getting all stirred up at Winry HQ as we get ready for the big release day - it's just around the corner!! Tomorrow our debut single "Wayside" hits the internet, and to say we're excited would be a massive understatement.

As we get older, we tend to reminisce more. This is especially evident if you are privileged enough to become a parent. "Wayside" is a glimpse into just some of the thoughts that enter your head as you see your children mature.


Ria on the Lyrics:

"But let go, let me fall behind

I'll get by without you by my side"

All parents come to face this inevitability eventually - our role in our children's lives is to guide them into adulthood. At some point, they won't need us as much anymore. In truth we always need our parents, but it can be easy to forget this as you watch your own child change from a completely dependent baby into an independent, fully grown individual, with their own hopes and dreams.

"Just leave me by the wayside"

It may seem like a lyric of heartbreak, but when I wrote this line, I was approaching it with a sort of happiness. I look forward to the day where I can let go and watch my child move on without me, into the wide world. Like the dad pushing their kid on a bike, that moment when they start to pedal on their own.


David on the Music:

As an accompaniment to the lyrical content written by Ria, I approached the instrumentation from a minimalist point of view. An acoustic guitar provides the main backing to the vocal melody, with the chords simplified from the original composition.

I felt the piece required a certain atmosphere, and after listening to Adele's "Hello", which has a gigantic-sounding kick drum, and overly reverbed snares, I thought that this would be an appropriate mix for this song.

Originally, we toyed with synthesised parts and samples, but this turned into a gigantic pain and over-cluttered the overall mix. We instead discarded these additions in favour of a more simplistic sound.

In truth, this is the first song I have managed to fully complete, and also the first that I have engineered to completion. This was a bit of a daunting experience, as I have never put a piece of my work at the mercy of the public before. But it was made bearable and a fun process with Ria by my side.


Wayside is available on streaming platforms and music stores from 10th October 2020. Click here to pre-save on Spotify now!

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