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Sharky The Guitar - Her Story

(Wah Wah begins) Welcome to "Evenings with David" ⁠

Oh what a neck... Oh what a body! Oh yeah, show me that G String.⁠

This is my 24-year old Japanese-made Jackson Guitar, Sharky. She is a bolt-on neck design with Floyd Rose tremolo that has been locked down by means of a block of wood and 10p pieces. ⁠

It's a rosewood fret board with mother of pearl inlay. The pickups are Seymour Duncan, and she has only one knob to play with. all volume baby, all volume.⁠

The first gig I played with Sharky, I was 18 or 19, in a local pub and I'd foolishly changed the strings the day of the gig. At that point, the Floyd Rose had NOT been locked down. I was an amateur at adjusting it myself, which meant every time I tuned it, the Floyd Rose would raise up, and the guitar would go out of tune. eventually the Floyd Rose had come up to a 90 degree angle, and needless to say I couldn't use the guitar for the gig!⁠

Sharky's been through the wars a bit...⁠

The tail injury was the result of my brother, 3 years younger than me. He was pratting about and stood on the bloody end of it... and it cracked. 😥 I lost about three inches of my bloody guitar. Being an avid DIY-er, and having sufficient sharpened tools *cough* I took my saw (blunt) and presumed to reshape my guitar! ⁠

The second injury was of my own doing - when I thought I'd be cool, and hip, and down with them kids, and proceeded to take two wood screws and affix a Roland Midi Pickup to the body, not realising that the Roland pickup wouldn't fit underneath the strings. So now... I have two little ventilation holes on the body. Joy. ⁠

This is my favourite guitar. It's done countless gigs for me. What's your favourite guitar, and has it sustained as many injuries as Sharky?⁠

David 🙃

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